Marvin Sapp is the eponymous debut album by Marvin Sapp released via Word Records.

Track listingEdit

Track Number Track Title Writer(s) Time
1 "Reign Jesus Reign" Fred Hammond and Kim Rutherford 4:45
2 "Hero" Percy Bady 4:23
3 "Sweeter as the Days Go By" Mark Parker 4:12
4 "Close to You" Fred Hammond and Steve Huff 5:19
5 "In His Presence" Fred Hammond and Kim Rutherford 4:23
6 "Calling Me" Fred Hammond and Marvin Sapp 4:32
7 "Use Me" Percy Bady 4:50
8 "He Is Here" Fred Hammond, David Ivey, Mark Luckey, and Kirk Talley 5:06
9 "Faithful" Noel Hall, Fred Hammond, and Kim Rutherford 4:56
10 "Over and Over Again" Percy Bady, Marvin Sapp, and Dennis Witherspoon 4:39
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