"Jesus Met the Woman at the Well" is a traditional gospel song. It relates the story of the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, found in the Gospel of John at 4:4-26.

One of the earliest recordings, by The Pilgrim Travelers (1950),CREDITS the song as "Traditional, arranged by J. W. Alexander". The recording by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986)CREDITS the song as "Traditional, arranged by The Alabama Singers". (Some sources suggest that The Pilgrim Travelers and The Alabama Singers are alternative names for the same people.)[citation needed] The song has also been attributed to Reverend (Blind) Gary Davis.[1][2]


As with many traditional songs, the lyrics differ from one performer to another. The following are typical:[citation needed]

Jesus met the woman at the well, (x3) And He told her everything she'd ever done. He said, "Woman, woman, where is your husband?" (x3) "I know everything you've ever done." She said, "Jesus, Jesus, I ain't got no husband" (x3) "And You don't know everything I've ever done." He said, "Woman, woman, you've got five husbands" (x3) "And the one you have now, he's not your own." She said, "This man, this man, He must be the prophet" (x3) "He done told me everything I've ever done." Jesus met the woman at the well, (x3) And He told her everything she'd ever done.

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Several artists have recorded the song. Recordings by people with Wikipedia articles include:

  • 1949 – The Fairfield Four, 78 rpm single [3][4]
  • 1950 – The Pilgrim Travelers, 78 rpm single [5]
  • 1954 – Sonny Terry and Blind Gary Davis, on the album The Singing Reverend [6]
  • 1958 – Mahalia Jackson, on the album Live at Newport 1958 [7]
  • 1962 – Reverend Gary Davis, on the album Live at Gerde's Folk City 1962 [8]
  • 1963 – C. L. Franklin,[9] 45 rpm single Battle Records 6119 (a re-release of J.V.B. Records 106, of unknown date)
  • 1964 – Ian & Sylvia, on the album Four Strong Winds
  • 1964 – Peter, Paul and Mary, on the album In Concert, allegedly written by group members Peter Yarrow, Milton T. Okun and Mary Allin Travers
  • 1969 – Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Included on the compilation albums How Sweet It Was (2010) and Good Feeling (2011)
  • 1976 – Dave Van Ronk, on the album Sunday Street
  • 1981 – Cleophus Robinson, on the album The Lord Takes Care of Everybody
  • 1983 – Dave Van Ronk, on the album St. James Infirmary
  • 1986 – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, on the album Kicking Against the Pricks
  • 2011 – Charlie Parr, on the album Keep Your Hands on the Plow [10]
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