Template:Refimprove Template:Infobox musical artist The Golden Gate Quartet (a.k.a. The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet) is an American vocal group. It was formed in 1931 and, with changes in membership, remains active. It is the most successful of all of the African-American gospel music groups who sang in the jubilee quartet style. Template:Citation needed

Origins and early careerEdit

The group was founded as the Golden Gate Jubilee Singers in 1934, by four students at the Booker T. Washington College in Norfolk, Virginia. According to the group's website,[1] the original members were Willie Johnson (baritone; d. 1980), William Landford (tenor; d. 1970), Henry Owens (second tenor; d. 1970) and Orlandus Wilson (bass; 1917–1998); other sources state that Landford and Wilson replaced earlier members Robert "Peg" Ford and A.C. "Eddie" Griffin in 1935.[2][3][4]

From 1935, the group sang in churches and on local radio, gaining a regular spot on radio station WIS in Columbia, South Carolina in 1936.[1][5] They began as a traditional jubilee quartet, combining the clever arrangements associated with barbershop quartets with rhythms borrowed from the blues and jazz like scat singing. They developed a broad repertoire of styles – from Owens' mournful, understated approach in songs such as "Anyhow" or "Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name", to the group's highly syncopated arrangements in "Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego". Like The Mills Brothers in popular music, they would often include vocal special effects in their songs, imitating train sounds in songs such as "Golden Gate Gospel Train". Landford often sang lead, using his ability to range from baritone to falsetto, while Johnson narrated in a hip syncopated style that became the hallmark for the group. Wilson's bass served as the anchor for the group and Owens harmonized with Landford and Johnson.Template:Citation needed

In 1937 they moved to station WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina, and soon afterwards won a contract with Bluebird Records. After their first recording session on August 14, 1937, in which they recorded 14 songs in two hours,[1] they were contracted to record 12 tracks per year. In 1938, they were recruited by John Hammond to appear at the first From Spirituals To Swing concert held at Carnegie Hall in New York City, after which their popularity grew. They stayed in New York and were signed up for a residency at the Cafe Society nightclub. As well as performing and recording gospel songs they also recorded some secular songs for RCA Records, who were intending to bill them as "The Four Chocolate Bars", but the recordings were not released. In 1939, William Landford left the group to form a new group, the Southern Sons; he was replaced by Clyde Riddick (1913–1999).[5]

The 1940s and 1950sEdit

In 1940 the group signed a new contract with Columbia Records' subsidiary Okeh label, and shortened their name to the Golden Gate Quartet.[5] They soon had a nationwide radio program and the opportunity to sing at Franklin Delano Roosevelt's inauguration in 1941, becoming the first black musical group to sing at Constitution Hall and later performing several times at the White House.[1] They continued to be popular during World War Two, making several appearances in Hollywood films and singing secular music, including some unique popular front songs such as "Stalin Wasn't Stallin'" that mixed humor with political commentary. The Quartet appeared in films such as Star Spangled Rhythm (1942), Hit Parade of 1943 (1943), Hollywood Canteen (1944), and the Danny Kaye film A Song Is Born (1948). In the latter film, they performed the songs "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" and part of "A Song Is Born" with Louis Armstrong and Virginia Mayo.

Johnson was called into the US Navy in 1943, followed by Wilson in 1944; they were temporarily replaced by Cliff Givens - who later left to join firstly The Ink Spots and then Billy Ward and His Dominoes - and Alton Bradley.[1] The group moved first to the main Columbia record label and then, in 1948, to Mercury Records. Johnson left in 1948 to join The Jubalaires, and was replaced by Orville Brooks (1919-1997).

The quartet lost their pre-eminent position in gospel music after the war, when they faced competition from the newer hard gospel quartets. They continued in their old style, offering sharper political commentary in songs such as "God's Gonna Cut You Down", but losing much of their audience to quartets such as the Dixie Hummingbirds and the Soul Stirrers. Henry Owens left in 1950 to become a preacher and solo artist. Alton Bradley returned to replace him, but then left in 1952 when he was replaced by Eugene Mumford (1925-1977), previously of The Larks.

The Golden Gates revived their career in 1955, however, when they toured Europe for the first time, where they became widely popular. The group moved to Paris in 1959 and has continued touring, primarily in Europe, since then. During his stint in the US Army, in Germany, Elvis Presley, who was a huge admirer of their work since his early childhood, visited them backstage at "Le Lido" (not "Le Lido" but "Le Casino de Paris" presenting likewise a showgirl revue "Plaisirs de Paris" led by Line Renaud, in which the Golden Gate Quartet performed the opening act; the encounter took place in Line Renaud's dressing room on January 12, 1960) in Paris, and stayed to watch their entire show, staying also with them at the hotel "Prince de Galles" (Elvis didn't follow them to their hotel as suggested : he and his soldier friends were already staying at that same hotel, just like he did on his two previous getaways in Paris in June and July 1959. Reservations, limousine, etc. were managed by the local representatives of his record company). Presley recorded a version of their popular "Swing Down Chariot" that appeared on his His Hand in Mine gospel album. During this time there were further personnel changes: Orville Brooks left and was replaced by Franck Todd and later in turn by Caleb Ginyard (1910-1978), and Eugene Mumford was replaced by Clyde Wright (born May 1, 1928, Charlotte, North Carolina).[1][6]

Since the 1950s, the group has been primarily based in Europe. They toured widely in the late 1950s, including US State Department-sponsored tours around the world. In 1959, the group started a two-year residency at the Casino de Paris.[1]

Later activitiesEdit

The group made their first tour of Africa in 1962, and during the early 1960s gradually expanded their accompanying band to incorporate guitar, piano, bass and drums. Through the 1960s they toured widely in Europe, with a long-established line-up of Orlandus Wilson, Clyde Riddick, Caleb Ginyard, and Clyde Wright. In 1971, Ginyard and Wright left, and were replaced by Paul Brembly (the great-nephew of Orlandus Wilson) and Calvin Williams.[5] Wright returned to the group in 1985 to replace Williams, who returned to the US.[1]

Bill "Willie" Johnson worked with Eugene Mumford and Cliff Givens in his own version of The Golden Gate Quartet in the late '70s out of the Los Angeles area, most notably appearing on Ry Cooder's "Jazz" album, and appearing with Cooder in his 1978 "Soundstage" performance, with Givens, Pico Payne, and Jimmy Adams (though Johnson didn't use the group name in these particular appearances).[7][8]

The group undertook a 60th anniversary world tour in 1994. Riddick remained with the group until his retirement in 1995, and Wilson, the last surviving member of the original group, until his death in 1998. Riddick was replaced by Frank Davis. Wright was replaced by Charles West (Nephew to Wilson) of Portsmouth, VA. The position of bass singer has in recent years been filled by Thierry Fred Francois, Richard Phillips, and, since 2005, by Anthony Gordon.[1]


The Golden Gate Quartet was inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998.

In his 2011 album "So Beautiful or So What" musician Paul Simon used excerpts from their 1938 recording of "Golden Gate Gospel Train" to mix into the song "Love & Blessings". In addition, the group's music was also featured in the video game Battlefield Bad Company.

Members after 1934Edit


Actual Members Edit

  • Paul Brembly - (birth in 1950)
  • Terry Francis
  • Thimothy Riley
  • Frank Davis

Past Members Edit

  • Calvin Williams [10] - (1921-2010)
  • William Langford - (1909-1969)
  • Henry Owens- (†1970)
  • Eugene Mumford - (1925-1977)
  • J. Caleb Ginyard - (1910-1978)
  • Willie Johnson - (†1980)
  • Joe Jonhson - (1914-1984)
  • Clifford Givens - (1918-1989)
  • Orville Brooks - (1919-1997)
  • Orlandus Wilson - (1917-1998)
  • Clyde Riddick - (1913-1999)
  • Clyde Wright - (birth in 1928)
  • Richard Phillips - (birth in 1943)
  • Bill Bing - (december 22 1922 - january 23 2014) [11]
  • Charles West (?)
  • Alton Bradley (?)
  • Frank Todd (?)


Selected singlesEdit

  • Bluebird 7564: "Pure Religion" / "Remember Me" (both recorded January 24, 1938)[12]
  • Okeh 6713: "Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer" (recorded May 1943) / "Run On" (recorded March 1942)[13]
  • Okeh 6741: "I Will Be Home Again" / "The General Jumped at Dawn" (both sides recorded March 16, 1945)[13]
  • Columbia 37236: "Atom and Evil" / "Shadrach" (both recorded June 5, 1946)[14]

78RPM singles (1937-1952)Edit

Label / Catalog # Date Title Performer Matrix # Reference #
Montgomery 85481937-08-03Born Ten Thousand Years AgoGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11936BB7205
Montgomery 85441937-08-03Gabriel Blows His HornGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11932BB7126
Bluebird 72781937-08-04Bedside of a NeighborGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11933MW7441
Montgomery 74411937-08-04Bedside of a NeighborGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11933BB7278*
Bluebird 71541937-08-04Behold the Bridegroom ComethGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011937=1MW7440
Montgomery 74401937-08-04Behold the Bridegroom ComethGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011937=1BB7154
Bluebird 72641937-08-04BonnetGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011941=1MW8549
Montgomery 85491937-08-04BonnetGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011941=1BB7264
Bluebird 72051937-08-04Born Ten Thousand Years AgoGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11936MW8548
Bluebird 71261937-08-04Gabriel Blows His HornGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011932=1MW8544
Bluebird 73401937-08-04Go Where I Send TheeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011938=1MW8550
Montgomery 85501937-08-04Go Where I Send TheeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011938=1BB7340
RCA 20-21341937-08-04Go Where I Send TheeGolden Gate Quartet--
Bluebird 71261937-08-04Golden Gate Gospel TrainGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011931=1MW7493
Montgomery 74931937-08-04Golden Gate Gospel TrainGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011931=1BB7126
Bluebird 72781937-08-04I've Found a Wonderful SaviorGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011944=1MW7441
Montgomery 74411937-08-04I've Found a Wonderful SaviorGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011944=1BB7278+
RCA 20-21341937-08-04JobGolden Gate Quartet--
Victor 273231937-08-04JobGolden Gate Quartet11940-
Bluebird 71541937-08-04JonahGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011934=1MW7440
Montgomery 74401937-08-04JonahGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011934=1BB7154
RCA 20-20731937-08-04JonahGolden Gate Quartet--
Victor 273221937-08-04JonahGolden Gate Quartet11934-
Bluebird 72641937-08-04Massa's in the Cold, Cold GroundGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011942=1MW8549
Montgomery 85491937-08-04Massa's in the Cold, Cold GroundGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011942=1BB7264
Bluebird 73761937-08-04Stand in the Test in JudgementGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011943=1MW8551
Montgomery 85511937-08-04Stand in the Test in JudgementGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011943=1BB7376
Bluebird 73761937-08-04Story of JobGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11940MW8551
Montgomery 85511937-08-04Story of JobGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet11940BB7376
Bluebird 72051937-08-04The Preacher and the BearGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011935=1MW8548
Montgomery 85481937-08-04The Preacher and the BearGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011935=1BB7205
Victor 273221937-08-04The Preacher and the BearGolden Gate Quartet11935-
Bluebird 73401937-08-04Won't There Be One Happy TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011939=1MW8550
Montgomery 85501937-08-04Won't There Be One Happy TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet011939=1BB7340
Bluebird 74151938-01-24Carolina in the MorningGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018622=1MW8545
Montgomery 85451938-01-24Carolina in the MorningGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018622=1BB7415
Montgomery 85451938-01-24Dipsy DoodleGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018628=1BB7415
Bluebird 75131938-01-24I Was BraveGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18633MW7495*
Montgomery 74951938-01-24I Was BraveGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18633BB7513*
Bluebird 76311938-01-24John the RevelatorGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018625=1MW7912
Montgomery 79121938-01-24John the RevelatorGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018625=1BB7631+
Victor 273241938-01-24John the RevelatorGolden Gate Quartet18625-
Bluebird 76171938-01-24Lead Me on and OnGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018630=1MW7494
Montgomery 74941938-01-24Lead Me on and OnGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018630=1BB7617*
Bluebird 74631938-01-24Motherless ChildGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018623=2MW7496
Montgomery 74961938-01-24Motherless ChildGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018623=2BB7463*
Montgomery 85471938-01-24Ol' Man RiverGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018635=1BB8190+
Bluebird 75641938-01-24Pure ReligionGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018627=2MW7493
Montgomery 74931938-01-24Pure ReligionGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018627=2BB7564*
Bluebird 75641938-01-24Remember MeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18626MW8547
Montgomery 85471938-01-24Remember MeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18626BB7564
Victor 273241938-01-24SamsonGolden Gate Quartet18632-
Bluebird 75131938-01-24Samson & DelilahGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18632MW7495+
Montgomery 74951938-01-24Samson & DelilahGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18632BB7513+
Bluebird 76761938-01-24Swanee RiverGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18629MW8546
Montgomery 85461938-01-24Swanee RiverGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18629BB7676+
Bluebird 76761938-01-24Sweet AdelineGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18631MW8546
Montgomery 85461938-01-24Sweet AdelineGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18631BB7676*
Bluebird 76171938-01-24Take Your Burden to the LordGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018634=1MW7494*
Montgomery 74941938-01-24Take Your Burdens to GodGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet18634BB7617+
Bluebird 74151938-01-24The Dipsy DoodleGolden Gate Jubilee QuartetBS018628-1MW8545
Bluebird 74631938-01-24Travelin' ShoesGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018624=1MW7496
RCA 20-20731938-01-24Travelin' ShoesGolden Gate Quartet--
Montgomery 74961938-01-24Traveling ShoesGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet018624=1BB7463+
Bluebird 78481938-08-10God Almighty SaidGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23464MW7594
Montgomery 75941938-08-10God Almighty SaidGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23464BB7848+
Bluebird 78351938-08-10Let That Liar AloneGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23465MW7595+
Montgomery 75951938-08-10Let That Liar AloneGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23465BB7835
Bluebird 78041938-08-10My Lord Is WaitingGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23460MW7596
Montgomery 7596A1938-08-10MY LORD IS WritingGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23460BB7804A
Bluebird 78041938-08-10Rock My SoulGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23461MW7596*
Montgomery 7596B1938-08-10Rock My SoulGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23461BB7804B
Bluebird 78351938-08-10To the RockGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23466MW7595
Montgomery 75951938-08-10To the RockGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23466BB7835
Bluebird 78971938-08-10When the Saints Go Marching InGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23467MW7864
Montgomery 78641938-08-10When the Saints Go Marching InGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23467BB7897*
Bluebird 78971938-08-10When They Ring the Golden BellsGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23459MW7864
Montgomery 78641938-08-10When They Ring the Golden BellsGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet23459BB7897+
Bluebird 80191938-11-15Cheer the Weary TravelerGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028962=1MW7867*
Montgomery 78671938-11-15Cheer the Weary TravelerGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028962=1BB8019*
Bluebird 7962B1938-11-15I Heard Zion MoanGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028963!MW7865
Bluebird 79941938-11-15Lord Am I Born to Die ?Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet028965!MW7866+
Montgomery 78661938-11-15Lord Am I Born to Die ?Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet028965!BB7994*
Bluebird 7962A1938-11-15NoahGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028964!MW7865
Bluebird 80191938-11-15Packing Up, Getting Ready to GoGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028967=1MW7867+
Montgomery 78671938-11-15Packing Up, Getting Ready to GoGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet028967=1BB8019+
Bluebird 79941938-11-15What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet028966!MW7866*
Montgomery 78661938-11-15What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet028966!BB7994*
Bluebird 101541939-02-02Change PartnnersGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet031982=2-
Bluebird 81231939-02-02Dese Bones Gonna Rise AginGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet031976=1MW7869+
Montgomery 78691939-02-02Dese Bones Gonna Rise AginGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet031976=1BB8123*
Bluebird 80871939-02-02Everything Moves by the Grace of GodGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31977MW7868
Montgomery 78681939-02-02Everything Moves by the Grace of GodGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31977BB8087+
Bluebird 81231939-02-02Lis'n to De LambsGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31975MW7869*
Montgomery 78691939-02-02Lis'n to De LambsGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31975BB8123+
Victor 273231939-02-02NoahGolden Gate Quartet31980-
Bluebird 81601939-02-02Noah and the ArkGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31980MW8543
Montgomery 85431939-02-02Noah and the ArkGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31980BB8160
Bluebird 101541939-02-02Ol' Man MoseGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31981-
Bluebird 81901939-02-02Precious LordGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet031979=1MW8544
Montgomery 85441939-02-02Precious LordGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31979BB8190
Bluebird 81601939-02-02This World Is in Bad ConditionGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31978-
Montgomery 85431939-02-02This World Is in Bad ConditionGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31978BB8160
Bluebird 80871939-02-02Troubles of the WorldGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31974MW7868
Montgomery 78681939-02-02Troubles of the WorldGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31974BB8087+
Bluebird 82861939-10-06AloneGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42901MW8774+
Montgomery 87741939-10-06AloneGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42901BB8286
Bluebird 83281939-10-06Everytime That I Feel the SpiritGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042910=1MW8776*
Montgomery 87761939-10-06Everytime That I Feel the SpiritGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042910=1BB8328
Bluebird 83281939-10-06He Said He Would Calm the OceanGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42902MW8776+
Montgomery 87761939-10-06He Said He Would Calm the OceanGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42902BB8328
Bluebird 83621939-10-06Hide Me in Thy BosomGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42903MW8778*
Montgomery 87781939-10-06Hide Me in Thy BosomGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42903BB8362
Bluebird 83481939-10-06I Looked Down the Line and I WonderedGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042905=1MW8777, RCA 20-3159
Montgomery 87771939-10-06I Looked Down the Line and I WonderedGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042905=1BB8348
RCA 20-31591939-10-06I Looked Down the Road and I WonderedGolden Gate Quartet-Bb 8348
Bluebird 83621939-10-06I'm a PilgrimGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042909=1MW8778+
Montgomery 87781939-10-06I'm a PilgrimGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42909BB8362
Bluebird 83061939-10-06If I Had My WayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42904MW8775+
Montgomery 87751939-10-06If I Had My WayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42904BB8306
Bluebird 86201939-10-06Jonah in the WhaleGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042916=1MW8781+
Montgomery 87811939-10-06Jonah in the WhaleGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042916=1BB8620
Bluebird 85941939-10-06Julius CaesarGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042914=1MW8780*
Montgomery 87801939-10-06Julius CaesarGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042914=1BB8594*
Bluebird 85791939-10-06Stormy WeatherGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042912=1MW8779*
Montgomery 87791939-10-06Stormy WeatherGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet42912BB8579+
Bluebird 85941939-10-06The Devil With the DevilGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042913=1MW8780
Montgomery 87801939-10-06The Devil With the DevilGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042913=1BB8594+
Bluebird 86201939-10-06TimberGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042915=1MW8781*
Montgomery 87811939-10-06TimberGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042915=1BB8620
Bluebird 83061939-10-06Way Down in EgyptlandGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042906=1MW8775*
Montgomery 87751939-10-06Way Down in EgyptlandGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042906=1BB8306
Bluebird 82861939-10-06What a TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042900=1MW8774*
Montgomery 87741939-10-06What a TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042900=1BB8286
Bluebird 85791939-10-06Whoa BabeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042911=1MW8779+
Montgomery 87791939-10-06Whoa BabeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042911=1BB8579*
Bluebird 83481939-10-06You'd Better MindGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042908=1MW8777
Montgomery 87771939-10-06You'd Better MindGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet042908=1BB8348
Bluebird 85651939-12-26Darling Nellie GrayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet46125MW8783*
Montgomery 87831939-12-26Darling Nellie GrayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet46125BB8565
Bluebird 105691939-12-26My PrayerGolden Gate Jubilee QuartetBS046127-1-
Bluebird 85651939-12-26My Walking StickGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046124=1MW8783+
Montgomery 87831939-12-26My Walking StickGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046124=1BB8565
Bluebird 83881939-12-26The Valley of TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046129=1MW8782
Montgomery 87821939-12-26Valley of TimeGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046129=1BB8388
Bluebird 83881939-12-26What Did Jesus SayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046128=1MW8782
Montgomery 87821939-12-26What Did Jesus SayGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet046128=1BB8388
Bluebird 105691939-12-26What's New?Golden Gate QuartetBS046126-1-
Victor 272681940-06-15Alabama BoundGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51299-
Victor 272661940-06-15Midnight SpecialGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51298-
Victor 272681940-06-15Pick a Bale of CottonGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51295-
Victor 272671940-06-17Grey GooseGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51327-
Victor 272661940-06-17Ham and EggsGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51333-
Victor 272671940-06-17Stew BallGolden Gate Quartet with Huddie Ledbetter51329-
Okeh 62041941-04-18Daniel Saw the StoneGolden Gate Quartet30282=1-
Vocalion/Okeh 160091941-04-18I Yi Yi YiGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet30289-
Columbia 378351941-04-18JezebelGolden Gate Quartet30283=2oK6204
Okeh 62041941-04-18JezebelGolden Gate Quartet30283=2-
Columbia 374771941-04-18Time's Windin' UpGolden Gate Quartet30284=130044
Columbia 300441941-04-18Time's Winding UpGolden Gate Quartet30284CO37477
Okeh 62381941-05-25AnyhowGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet30550Co37477
Columbia 300441941-05-25AnyhowGolden Gate Quartet30550CO37477
Columbia 374771941-05-25AnyhowGolden Gate Quartet30550=130044
Columbia 300431941-05-25Blind BarnabasGolden Gate Quartet30549CO37476
Columbia 374761941-05-25Blind BarnabusGolden Gate Quartet3054930043
Columbia 378341941-05-25Blind BarnabusGolden Gate QuartetCO30549-
Okeh 63451941-05-25Blind BarnabusGolden Gate Quartet30549=2-
Okeh 65291941-05-25Didn't It RainGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet30551Co37475
Columbia 300421941-05-25Didn't It RainGolden Gate Quartet30551CO37475
Columbia 374751941-05-25Didn't It RainGolden Gate Quartet3055130042
Columbia 374761941-05-25Sun Didn't ShineGolden Gate Quartet30548-230043
Okeh 63451941-05-25The Sun Didn't ShineGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet30548=1Co37476
Columbia 300431941-05-25The Sun Didn't ShineGolden Gate Quartet30548-2CO37476
Okeh 62381941-05-25Time's Winding UpGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet30284Co37477
Okeh 65291941-12-03He Never Said a Humbling WordGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31850-
Columbia 300421941-12-03He Never Said a Mumblin' WordGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet31850CO37475
Columbia 374751941-12-03He Never Said a Mumblin' WordGolden Gate Quartet3185030042
Columbia 369371941-12-03Moses Smote the WatersGolden Gate QuartetCO31851-
Columbia 301601941-12-03Toll the Bell EasyGolden Gate Quartet31849-
Okeh 67121942-03-25Dip Your Fingers in the WaterGolden Gate Jubilee Quartet32622-
Okeh 67131942-03-25Run OnGolden Gate Quartet32620-1-
Okeh 67121943-03-05Stalin Wasn't Stallin'Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet33183=1-
Okeh 67131943-05-19Comin' in on a Wing and a PrayerGolden Gate Quartet33216-1-
Columbia 369371945-03-16Bones, Bones, Bones (Ezekiel in the Valley)Golden Gate QuartetCCO4426=1-
Columbia 378321945-03-16I Will Be Home AgainGolden Gate QuartetCCO4425=1-
Okeh 67411945-03-16I Will Be Home AgainGolden Gate QuartetCCO4425=1-
Okeh 67411945-03-16The General Jumped at DawnGolden Gate QuartetCCO4422=1-
Columbia 372361946-06-05Atom and EvilGolden Gate QuartetCO36389=1-
Columbia 378351946-06-05God's Gonna' Cut You DownGolden Gate QuartetCO36386-
Columbia 301361946-06-05HushGolden Gate QuartetCO36391-
Columbia 378331946-06-05Joshua Fit the Battle of JerichoGolden Gate QuartetCO36392-
Columbia 378321946-06-05No Restricted SignsGolden Gate QuartetCO36388-
Columbia 372361946-06-05ShadrachGolden Gate QuartetCO36390=-
Columbia 378341946-06-05Swing Down, ChariotGolden Gate QuartetCO36387-
Columbia 378331946-06-05Wade in the WaterGolden Gate QuartetCO36393-
Columbia 374991947-04-08High, Low and WideGolden Gate QuartetCO37602-
Columbia 374991947-04-08Pray for the Lights to Go OutGolden Gate QuartetCO37601-
Columbia 301281947-10-??AbdullahGolden Gate QuartetCO38278-
Columbia 301281947-10-??Broodle-Oo Broodle-OoGolden Gate Quartet38277!-
Columbia 301361947-10-??Do Unto OthersGolden Gate QuartetCO38276-
Columbia 301601947-10-??Fare You Well, Fare You WellGolden Gate Quartet38279-
Capitol 101721948-08-09A Song was Born, part 1Louis Armstrong With Jerri Sullivan and the Golden Gate Quartet3426-
Capitol 101721948-08-09A Song was Born, part 2Louis Armstrong With Jerri Sullivan and the Golden Gate Quartet3426-
Mercury 81181948-12-??Mene, Mene TakelGolden Gate Quartet2141-
Mercury 81181948-12-??Talking Jerusalem to DeathGolden Gate Quartet2140-
Mercury 81241949-01-??Jesus Met the Woman at the WellGolden Gate Quartet2164-
Mercury 52421949-01-??Look UpGolden Gate Quartet2162-
Mercury 81241949-01-??Mary, MaryGolden Gate Quartet2165-
Mercury 52421949-01-??Will I Find My Love Today?Golden Gate Quartet2163-
Mercury 81411949-04-??John SawGolden Gate Quartet2763-
Mercury 81411949-04-??Lord I Am Tired and Want to Go HomeGolden Gate Quartet2766-
Mercury 82431949-04-??Lord, I Want to Be a ChristianGolden Gate Quartet2765-
Mercury 82431949-04-??Seven Angels and Seven TrumpetsGolden Gate Quartet2764-
Mercury 81581949-07-??Lord, I Want to Walk With TheeGolden Gate Quartet2863-
Mercury 81551949-07-??Religion Is a FortuneGolden Gate Quartet2859-
Mercury 81551949-07-??SatisfiedGolden Gate Quartet2860-
Mercury 81581949-07-??You Ain't Got FaithGolden Gate Quartet2858-
Columbia 392161950-11-29Listen to the LambsGolden Gate QuartetGGQ1-
Columbia 392161950-11-29NicodemusGolden Gate QuartetGGQ3-
Okeh 68971952-03-??I Just Telephone UpstairsGolden Gate QuartetCO47724-
Okeh 68971952-03-??Rain Is the Teardrops of AngelsGolden Gate QuartetCO47725-
Mercury 5385-A Man Going...Golden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-3308-Bedside of a NeighborGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-3308-Behold the Bride Groom ComethGolden Gate Quartet--
Mercury 8164-Blessed JesusGolden Gate Quartet2990-
Mercury 5385-Didn't That Man BelieveGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-2921-Gabriel Blows His HornGolden Gate Quartet--
Mercury 8164-Lord Have MercyGolden Gate Quartet2993-
Apollo 1205-Mary Had a BabyGolden Gate Quartet--
Mercury 8162-Ride on MosesGolden Gate Quartet2995=2-
RCA 20-2921-Rock My SoulGolden Gate Quartet--
Apollo 1205-Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerGolden Gate Quartet--
Mercury 8162-Same TrainGolden Gate Quartet2994=2-
Apollo 1204-Silent NightGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-2797-Stand in the Test of JudgementGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-2799-Stand in the Test of JudgementGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-3159-The World Is in a Bad ConditionGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-2797-When the Saints Go Marching InGolden Gate Quartet--
RCA 20-2799-When the Saints Go Marching InGolden Gate Quartet--
Apollo 1204-White ChristmasGolden Gate Quartet--

Selected albumsEdit

  • 2010 – Incredible
  • 2003 – The Good Book
  • 2003 – Gospel Train
  • 1999 – Our Story
  • 1997 – The Very Best of the Golden Gate Quartet
  • 1961 – Negro Spirituals
  • 1957 – That Golden Chariot
  • 1956 – The Golden Gate Quartet [Camden]
  • 1950 – The Golden Gate Spirituals
  • 1949 – Joshua fit the battle


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