Dese Bones G'wine Rise Again is an American Negro spiritual that tells the story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

In this spiritual, a caller tells the story in rhymed couplets; each line of the couplet is followed by the final line of an abbreviated chorus sung in answer by the audience or congregation. Between each couplet, a complete chorus is sung. In the example below, the sung chorus is given in italics; the other words are the caller's lyrics:

De Lawd, He thought He’d make a man
Dese bones gwine rise again
Made ‘im outa mud an’ a han’ful o’ san
Dese bones gwine to rise again


I knowed it Indeed I knowed it, brother
I knowed it Dese bones gwine to rise again[1]

There are several variants of the lyrics; the dramatic and creative talents of the caller generate considerable variation. For one version of the lyrics, see the external link below.


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